Camille Dungy to read in Athens, GA on January 17

“The Georgia Review’s Fall issue offers a look at the changing nature of environmental writing in the age of the Anthropocene. The Winter issue showcases new works of fiction in a feature titled “Here, There, Then, Now: Stories from Six Worlds.” Both are bound together in a handsome and uniquely designed double issue, which includes new work from nearly 50 writers as well as two full art portfolios…”

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Camille Dungy writes about environmental writing

“If an author chooses not to engage with what we often call the natural world, that very disengagement makes a statement about the author’s relationship with her environment; even indifference to the environment directly affects the world about which a writer might purport to be indifferent. ”

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Check out Camille’s new poem!

When I die, I hope they talk about me


like they talk about the recently dead

president who oversaw the bombing

of countless children. Headlines today recall

his beloved three-year-old girl,

who he apparently hopes to meet

when he gets to heaven. . .

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Guidebook to Relative Strangers in Paperback August 8th!

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“Part memoir, part travelogue, part parental guide, this book is a stunningly beautiful love letter from a mother to her daughter to help her daughter embrace the world she lives in, to introduce her to her ancestors, and prepare her for the future.” — Edwidge Danticat, author of The Art of Death